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Commercial Cleaning Services

Palmetto Services has over 55 years experience in the commercial cleaning services field, which includes 30+ years of servicing the medical community. We specialize in overall building maintenance with an umbrella of contracting building services. Our mission is to provide a complete and thorough maintenance program for our clients. Our doing so has decreased, and in some cases eradicated the stress of the facilities’ coordinator, practice manager, and office manager. We place the most emphasis on an organized infrastructure which has always minimized mistakes. Our approach has a different philosophy than most in the maintenance industry. We operate without the multiple layers of staff managers and supervisors and place emphasis on training the people that matter most in the buildings that we maintain: our working technicians.

The principles of Palmetto Services are built on the strong belief that the best way to thrive and grow in the maintenance industry is to provide the most effective services available today and in the future. Also, much more importance and concern is placed on ensuring that the client is always satisfied.

At Pametto, we offer the following services:

Office Cleaning

There is nothing more frustrating than having to work with five different companies to complete what should be one job. At Palmetto Services we offer a wide variety of office and building related services to ensure that you’ll only need to work with one company to complete the job.

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Data Center Cleaning

Our company has extensive knowledge on how to clean data center and server rooms. If you have a critical environment that needs to be decontaminated, we have got you covered. We can help eliminate static residuals, server, and even construction phase cleanings.

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Post Construction Cleaning

In any construction job or project, cleanup can be a huge hurdle to overcome. Some entire phases of a project can’t even start unless a job site or part of a building is probably cleaned.

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Medical Office Cleaning

Our staff is highly trained and OSHA certified in order to guarantee that we meet the high standards that most medical facilities demand.

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