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Data Center Cleaning

Data Center Cleaning Services

A company’s data infrastructure plays a vital role in its continued success. Just as you may spend time and resources protecting your data, it’s equally important to maintain the physical structures that contain that data. To keep tech running safely and efficiently, data centers need to keep server rooms and cleanrooms free of contaminants. This is because an unclean room can degrade product quality, shorten equipment lifespans and lead to serious problems such as overheating.

Sensitive areas in your data center should be cleaned regularly and given special attention following construction to mitigate contamination risks. Some companies choose to handle these data center cleaning tasks independently. However, you may find a tech company cleaning service beneficial if you have high square footage or if you prefer cleaning to occur without distracting from your everyday operations.

At Palmetto Services, we conduct data center cleaning and maintenance for companies in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C. Whether you have multiple server rooms or one small cleanroom, we make maintenance simple. Our specialized cleaning staff can eliminate static residuals, complete regular server room cleanings and handle decontamination during construction. Learn more about our data center cleaning services below:

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Server Room Cleaning

A buildup of dust or other physical contaminants in your server rooms can cause overheating and equipment corrosion. Over time, dirt can significantly impact performance and contribute to server downtime.

To keep your servers up and your business running smoothly, Palmetto Services provides thorough server room cleaning to meet your unique needs. When you first request our services, our helpful staff will work with you to develop a personalized approach. We’ll clean your server rooms at a time you determine, whether that’s during business hours or overnight. We take the security of your equipment and business seriously.

During the cleaning process, we’ll use data center cleaning best practices to get the job done right. Using the proper equipment, supplies and workflows, we can clean server racks and cabinets as well as the raised floor. This helps ensure the entire server room stays clean.

Cleanroom Cleaning

You work hard to keep your data center cleanroom up to industry standards. To maintain operating efficiency and product quality, however, you need to completely clean your cleanroom on a regular basis and after events that could contribute to contamination, such as construction.

At Palmetto Services, we take a personalized approach to cleanroom cleaning. We’ll work closely with you to meet your expectations while adhering to best practices. Each of our staff members receives training on current industry regulations, which allows them to provide the standard of cleaning needed to maintain cleanrooms with ISO classification or other cleanliness standards.

Hiring a Professional Data Center Cleaning Company

At Palmetto Services, we understand the importance of maintaining a clean data center environment. With more than 60 years of experience in the maintenance industry and a team of trained specialists, we can tailor our services to meet your company’s unique needs. Request a free quote today to learn more about our capabilities.