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Data Center Cleaning

In today’s world, nothing is more important than protecting and maintaining a company’s data infrastructure. Part of that maintenance relies on the technical skills of highly trained programmers, but another side to protecting data relies on the physical maintenance of servers and data center buildings. The value of data has never been higher, and because of that, Palmetto Services treats the data center cleaning services we offer with the utmost professionalism.

Our company has extensive knowledge on how to clean data center and server rooms. If you have a critical environment that needs to be decontaminated, we have got you covered. We can help eliminate static residuals, server, and even construction phase cleanings. We take special care that we meet the necessary requirements and our specialized staff has gone through rigorous training to ensure that no piece of equipment is left unturned. Give us a call today or feel free to email us to schedule your free estimate.

Why Do You Need Data Center Cleaning Services?

Avoid Unwanted Server Down Time

When dust builds up in a server room, it requires more intensive attention the longer it goes untreated. Many data centers rely on avoiding server downtime, and the only way to avoid downtime cause by dust or other physical maintenance issues, is through conducting regular server cleanings.

Effects From New Construction

Even if the actual rooms that contain your servers were not worked on, sometimes new construction in a building can still affect the cleanliness of your server rooms. Our team has extensive experience in handling construction and data center cleanup. You can trust that we can find the right solution to protect your data assets.

Extend the Life of Your Equipment

One of the largest benefits of maintaining a clean data center is the extended life of your equipment. By working with our highly trained staff, you can ensure that the proper steps are being taking to fully clean your entire data center. The end result: a highly maintained and decontaminated environment that your data equipment can thrive in.