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Medical Office Cleaning

At Palmetto Services, we’ve been able to provide the medical community with medical office cleaning services for the past several decades. Our staff is highly trained and OSHA certified in order to guarantee that we meet the high standards that most medical facilities demand. We understand the importance of maintaining a clean medical facility, and that most facilities must comply with a wide range of regulations and laws to avoid receiving harsh fines.

Since our staff is OSHA certified, we’re able to handle cleaning situations that require our team to work comfortably in a medical environment and clean a variety of medical equipment. By staying on top of OSHA standards, we’re able to successfully complete cleaning requests at medical facilities without any hassle. You can trust that all of our team members stay up-to-date on important regulation changes, and will work with your team to make sure your facility is pleased with the end result.

In addition to medical specific cleaning services, Palmetto Services also offers a wide range of general commercial, office, data center, and post construction cleaning services that may be of use to your facility. Whatever the case may be, we’re confident we can work to provide exactly what you need.

We take pride in our work and will go above and beyond to meet the expectations of your medical facility. Our goal is to build lasting relationships with our clients, and many of our clients have worked with us for decades. If you’re looking to find a dedicated team that you can trust for years to come, Palmetto Services is the company for you. Let us know if you have any questions about the specific services we offer or that are included with our medical office cleaning services, don’t hesitate to reach out. We look forward to working with you!