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Post Construction Cleaning

In any construction job or project, cleanup can be a huge hurdle to overcome. Some entire phases of a project can’t even start unless a job site or part of a building is probably cleaned. If you’re in the market for hiring a trusted team of professionals to handle your post construction cleanup, Palmetto Services is the company for you. We go above and beyond with our construction cleaning services and have decades of experience in the industry. Give us a call today with your needs and we will get your construction site clean in no time.

Preparing A Building For New Tenants

One top concern for property owners and landlords is preparing their building and their individual units for new tenants. It’s common for tenants to cause some minor cosmetic issues after leasing a space for an extended period of time. In some scenarios, they may even leave a sizeable mess behind as well. Such cases can often times feel like a nightmare for a land owner. They’ll have to hire a handyman or a construction team to fix their issues, and then have their property clean enough to be rent ready for the next tenant.

This is where Palmetto Services comes into play. Our team of highly trained professionals are prepared to handle any construction cleanup job and understand the importance of getting your building ready for new tenants. We know what quality looks like, and we promise to deliver.

Staying On Your Project Timeline

One way for a new construction project to go over budget is to not be on time. It’s no surprise, that there are occasions where the next phase in a construction project are held up due to left over materials or excessive dust or debris. If you need to get your project back on track, give us a call.