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Industrial and Manufacturing Industry Cleaning

Industrial and Manufacturing Industry Cleaning Services

Consider Palmetto Services your all-in-one industrial cleaning contractor. As your warehouse cleaning company, we can take care of your day-to-day upkeep to streamline your operations. We can perform a customized service plan that includes everything you need to do your job right. Let our specialists provide the industrial building cleaning you need.

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Warehouse Cleaning Services

Industrial facilities like warehouses have unique cleaning requirements. To comply with industry regulations and maintain productivity, your business needs to follow the correct protocol. Thanks to our customized cleaning plans, you can ask us to perform services to your exact specifications. We can handle industrial cleaning jobs such as:

  • Auto scrubbing: Our industrial and warehouse auto floor scrubbing service gives your floors an in-depth clean. The equipment we use reduces the risk of falls from wet floors and lifts industrial grime.
  • Pressure washing: Concrete pressure washing gets rid of the tough dirt and grease that comes from industrial work. Let our trained cleaners pressure wash hard-to-clean surfaces for impeccable results.
  • Equipment cleaning: Allow our industrial cleaning technicians to clean equipment such as tanks, silos and ovens. They can make your operations safer by keeping your equipment clean and in good condition.
  • Waste disposal: The Palmetto Services waste management team includes staff members experienced with recycling and hazardous waste removal. We can assist in sorting and transporting your waste safely and efficiently.
  • Spill and contamination response: In the case of a spill or chemical contamination, our industrial cleaning specialists can take care of the issue. We can help you manage these incidents so you can get back to normal productivity levels.

We can also take care of office cleaning for your administrative team. Our team can give you the comprehensive solutions you need in one service plan.

Industrial Maintenance Services

Our cross-department team can also handle industrial building maintenance for your business. You can combine your cleaning service plan with maintenance solutions like:

  • Preventive maintenance: We can keep your facility in good condition and check for potential issues, saving you money on sudden breakdowns.
  • Lightbulb replacement: Let us change out your lightbulbs when they burn out using equipment that allows us to reach high ceilings.
  • Supply restocking: Our experts can monitor and restock supplies such as paper towels and shop rags so they never get low.
  • HVAC maintenance: Palmetto Services technicians can check, maintain and repair your heating and cooling systems for a comfortable facility.
  • Electrical and plumbing work: We can also complete plumbing and electrical jobs to keep your facilities in top shape.

You may also request specialty maintenance services for systems and machinery. We can work together to develop a service plan that includes all the services you need for smooth operations.

Industrial Building Cleaning in the Greater East Coast and Beyond

Palmetto Services helps businesses in the DC metro area, nearby states and the rest of the United States. We welcome you to reach out to us from wherever you work to see what we can do for you. Call us at 888-634-7170 or request a free estimate.

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