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Senior Living Facility Cleaning

Senior Living Facility Cleaning

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities help seniors and people with disabilities live in independence. Keeping these spaces clean helps residents live more fulfilling lives in a well-maintained setting. The professionals at Palmetto Services can manage your daily cleaning so your staff can focus on providing quality care. Consider our team for all-in-one maintenance and cleaning services for senior living.

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Nursing Home Cleaning Services

We’ll work with you to develop a personalized cleaning plan that addresses your housekeeping needs. Our cleaning services for senior living facilities include:

  • Dusting and disinfecting
  • Restroom sanitation and restocking
  • Floor care for carpet, hardwood, rubber and more
  • Bed linen changing
  • Trash management
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Window, glass and blind cleaning
  • Laundry services

Since every living center has unique needs, we can create a detailed service plan for effective and compliant cleaning.

Sanitary and Secure Cleaning Practices

Assisted living has high standards for sanitation and chemical safety. A senior care facility needs frequent disinfection and an in-depth hazardous chemical program. As a result, a senior living cleaner needs to pay attention to their cleaning products. We train our cleaners to perform these tasks while cleaning one of these spaces:

  • Respond promptly to sudden messes and spills
  • Keep chemicals in secure storage whenever not in use
  • Provide safety data sheets for all chemicals brought from outside the facility

Customers may also request green cleaning services that follow your requirements. We can develop a green cleaning plan that complies with regulations while reducing your impact on the environment.

Safe and Private Senior Living Facility Cleaning

Our team takes your center’s safety and compliance seriously. We follow these steps to help you follow HIPAA and other vital regulations:

  • Detailed, customized contracts: We will walk you through a thorough contract review where we can design our services and establish safety measures.
  • Staff clearances: Every Palmetto Services cleaner who works in your facility will go through all the clearances required by legal and in-house regulations.
  • OSHA compliance: Our OHSA-certified team follows the industry’s best practices to keep our staff and your employees safe.

Leave your cleaning tasks in our hands and rest assured that we will protect your residents’ information and well-being.

Respectful and Timely Nursing Home Housekeeping

Senior living facilities aim to promote their residents’ freedom of choice, independence, comfort and privacy. At Palmetto Services, we understand the importance of these values. Our staff members take these approaches to promote a comfortable and respectful environment:

  • Respecting each resident’s privacy by knocking on doors before entering
  • Maintaining a homelike setting in common areas and private rooms
  • Taking each resident’s preferences into account
  • Following the established cleaning schedule while staying flexible to accommodate residents’ needs

Let us partner with you and your facility staff to create the best environment possible for your residents.

Count on Palmetto Services, Your Assisted Living Cleaning Professionals

At Palmetto Services, we value our relationships with our customers. We develop a personalized service plan for every client that considers their needs, including maintenance and construction. Call us today at 888-634-7170 or get a free estimate online.

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