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Sports and Entertainment Cleaning

Stadium and Arena Cleaning Service

When your customers invest in your stadium and arena events, you want them to feel satisfied with the experience. A clean event space helps you improve your events and draw in more business. At Palmetto Services, we offer stadium cleaning, arena janitorial services and sports facility maintenance. Our team can take care of your large event space so you can provide top-quality service.

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Concert and Event Cleaning Services

Let us keep your venue in good condition before, during and after an event. We provide discreet and efficient cleaning services for large events, such as:

  • Floor care for carpet, wood, tile, rubber and more
  • Detailed escalator and elevator cleaning
  • Trash removal and recycling management
  • Concrete cleaning and sealing
  • Bathroom restocking and sanitation
  • Seat disinfecting and cleaning
  • Event setup and clean-up
  • Common area cleaning

Our cleaning experts can manage venues of any size while following the custom cleaning plan you approve. We can tailor your services to take care of everything you need for smooth-running events.

A Concert and Stadium Parking Cleaning Company

Large events also cause an increase in cleaning needs on the outside of your venue, especially in the parking lot. Our cleaning and maintenance teams can work together to provide parking lot services like:

  • Trash removal
  • Sweeping and power washing
  • Asphalt repair and maintenance
  • Graffiti removal
  • Snow and ice removal

With a clean venue inside and out, you’ll make a better impression on first-time and returning customers.

Sports Grounds Maintenance

We can take care of outdoor sports grounds for dedicated facilities and organizations like schools that include sports grounds. Our services for sports grounds include:

  • Field maintenance
  • Field renovation
  • Astroturf maintenance
  • Equipment cleaning and maintenance
  • General landscaping
  • Field chalking and painting

The experts at Palmetto Services have experience cleaning and maintaining fields for a variety of sports. They can keep your grounds in good shape for every practice and game that happens on them.

Cleaning for Sporting Events

Sports events can happen in a variety of settings with unique cleaning needs. Our experts have experience with indoor and outdoor events at arenas, recreational centers and schools. They’ll help your event run smoothly with the following services and more:

  • Trash sweeping and disposal
  • Concrete cleaning and sealing
  • Mess and spill response
  • Restroom sanitation and resupply
  • Bleacher and stands cleaning
  • Outdoor food court cleaning

These services will help you ensure your next sporting event succeeds.

Venue and Stadium Facilities Management

Palmetto Services maintenance experts can work with our cleaners to assist with everything you need for smooth daily operation. Count on our maintenance team for solutions such as:

  • Equipment maintenance and repairs
  • Electrical and plumbing work
  • Light repairs
  • Landscaping
  • Preventive maintenance
  • HVAC repairs and maintenance

Thanks to our all-in-one services, you can rest easy knowing that we have cleaning and maintenance covered.

Count on Palmetto Services for Large Venue Cleaning

If you need a comprehensive solution for your facility’s cleaning and maintenance, we can do it all. At Palmetto Services, we design custom services for every customer to help them work at their best. For more information, get a free estimate or call us at 888-634-7170.

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